Gert van Hoef accompanies a song service 'Zingend naar de zondag' in the PKN Poststraatkerk Stadskanaal
PKN Poststraatkerk
Poststraat 30
9501 ER Stadskanaal
Time: follows
Free admission.
There is a fundraiser for the expenses incurred.

Everyone is welcome!
Gert van Hoef in concert at the Regenboogkerk (Rainbow Church) Nijverdal.
He will play the Mense Ruiter-organ.

Time: 20:00 hrs

Everyone is welcome!
Grotestraat 127
7443 BE  Nijverdal
Gert van Hoef in concert at the Hervormde kerk Beekbergen. He will play the beautiful Schilling organ.

Gert plays a divers program for a broad audience.
Time: 20:00 hrs
Kerkweg 33
7361 AR  Beekbergen
Everyone is welcome!
In the series 'Zomeravondconcerten Orgelzaal Booy' Gert van Hoef plays an evening program - Experience the unique atmosphere in this special hall !
Time: 20:00 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Orgelzaal Booy
Daalmeerpad 13
1827 GA Alkmaar
Gert van Hoef in concert at the Chr. Gereformeerde Kerk Drogeham on the beautiful Nijsse-organ.

He will play popular classics and corals and some of his own improvisations.

The program opens and finishes with comunity singing.

Chr. Gereformeerde Kerk
Lytsewei 22,
9289 LB  Drogeham
Time: 20:00 hrs
Everyons is welcome!
Saturday August 15, 2015 - 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Victoria Hall,
Bagnall Street,
Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 3AD.

Tickets are available at the venue on entry (booking desk) on the day of the recital £7.50 and concessions £6.
Advance booking is not necessary.
Sunday August 16, 2015 - 6:00 pm

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church
235 Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8EP

Free Admission - Retiring Collection
Gert van Hoef plays on the beautiful  Maarschalkerweerd-organ of the Augustijnenkerk Dordrecht

Time: 14:30 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Voorstraat 216
3311 ET Dordrecht
Birthday concert at the Hervormde kerk Meerkerk.

Free admission.
Collection for a good cause.

Time: 19:30 hrs

Hervormde Kerk
Kerkstraat 3
4231 BW Meerkerk, Zederik
Fundraising concert by Gert van Hoof in the Oude Kerk in Lunteren, the proceeds are intended to support the Szantmarton sister church in Romania.
Highly recommended!

The program consists of own improvisations, choral arrangements, interspersed with well-known classical organ works.

Start time 20: 00 - Admission € 10 (including coffee afterwards)

Oude Kerk
Dorpsstraat 34
6741 AL Lunteren
Music on Saturday

Organ and pianoconcert by Rinse van der Ploeg & Gert van Hoef

Time: 11:30 - 12:45 hrs.

Free admission - Everyone is welcome!

St. Franciscus Xaverius Kerk
't Zand 31
3811 GB  Amersfoort
Oud Hollands repertoire (Valerius) klassiek en vrije improvisatie - Rinse van der Ploeg
Hymnes (vrije improvisatie bewerking) - Rinse van der Ploeg
Improvisaties vrije koraal bewerkingen - Gert van Hoef
Wilhelmus (nieuwe bewerking) - Gert van Hoef
Moldau (eigen bewerking) - Gert van Hoef
Koor repertoire APG (oude koorstukken) eigen bewerking vrije improvisatie - Rinse van der Ploeg
Bist du Bei Mir - G.H. Stolzel vrije bewerking - Rinse van der Ploeg
Meditatief Slot / Momentum (eigen improvisatie) - Gert van Hoef

Cent Mille Chansons, Frida Boccara - Rinse van der Ploeg
Diverse stukken, Laurens van Rooyen - Rinse van der Ploeg
Für Elise - Rinse van der Ploeg
Momentum - Rinse van der Ploeg
Lied ohne Worte - Gert van Hoef
Momentum eigen improvisatie - Gert van Hoef
After a restoration the Flentrop organ of the Saint Bavo
church Aardenburg is like new.
The church wants to pay attention to this by means of an organ concert by Gert van Hoef.
Everybody is wellcome to enjoy the beautiful sounds of
this organ in an excellent acoustics.

Time: 19:30 hrs

Sint Baafskerk
Sint Bavostraat 5
4527 CJ Aardenburg (Gem. Sluis)
1. Improvisatie 'Hij kwam bij ons heel gewoon' - Gert van Hoef
2. - Siciliano (transcriptie D. Taupin) - J.S. Bach
    - Fantasie en Fuga BWV 542
3. Concerto No. 6. (transcriptie M. Dupré) - G.F. Händel
4. Sonata No. 4. Opus 65 - Allegro con brio - F. Mendelssohn
                                      - Andante religioso
                                      - Allegretto
                                      - Allegro maestoso
5. Daar juicht een toon (Passie voor Pasen) - J. Zwart
6. - Psalm 97 vers 1 - F. Asma
    - Psalm 72 vers 7
7. Marche Triomphale - S. Karg-Elert
8. Toccata - E. Gigout
9. Improvisatie 'U zij de glorie' - Gert van Hoef
Organ concert by Gert van Hoef on the
beautiful Batz-organ of the Vredeskerk in Katwijk.

(programm to follow)

Time: 20:15 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Baljuwplein 1
2225 BR  Katwijk aan Zee
Popular organ concert by Gert van Hoef on the Steendam-organ of the
Gereformeerde kerk in Opeinde.

(programm to follow)

Time: 20:00 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Gereformeerde Kerk
Kommisjewei 184
9218 PJ  Opeinde
As part of his conservatory studies Gert van Hoef plays for the second time a lunchtime concert in the beautiful Westerkerk in Amsterdam.

He plays works of J.S. Bach en Franz Liszt.

Time: 13:00 hrs

Free admission

Everyone is welcome!

Prinsengracht 281
1016 GW Amsterdam
Walking Concert Gert van Hoef along churches in Lutten.

Gert begins his concert at 20:00 in the Ger. Church Liberated 'de Opgang'
He plays the Andrew Watts organ (an organ of Scottish origin)
Then the organist and audience walk to the Ger. Church "de Kruiskerk" where the second part of the concert begins.
There you can enjoy the sounds of the Jan Proper organ. (organ builder from Kampen)
Afterwards there is time to relax and talk with the organist.

(as of 19:30 hrs the coffee is ready)


Gereformeerde Kerk Vrijgemaakt ‘de Opgang’
Dedemsvaartweg-Noord 160
7775 LA Lutten

Gereformeerde kerk ‘ de Kruiskerk’
Anerweg-Noord 8
7775 AS Lutten
Organconcert by Gert van Hoef on the beautiful Mense Ruiter organ of the Hervormde kerk in Enter.

Organconcert by Gert van Hoef on the beautiful
Seifert-organ of the Immanuëlkerk in Maassluis.
(programm to follow)

Time 20:00 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Lange Boonestraat 5
3142 CC Maassluis
Gert van Hoef in concert at the Dorpskerk Nieuwegein-Noord
This church owns 2 organs, the Holtgräve-organ (1868) and the Flentrop-organ (1951)
Both organs wil be played by Gert. (programm to follow) 

Time: 19:30 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Nedereindseweg 3
3438 AA  Nieuwegein-Noord (Jutphaas)
Marije Kooyman
Hugo van Neck
Jan Vayne
Gert van Hoef
Stunning Fundraising concert in the Bethabara Church in Voorthuizen on Friday June 19th 2015.
Jan Vayne and Hugo van Neck (piano) Gert van Hoef (organ) and Marije Kooyman (trumpet) grant to lend their cooperation.

The proceeds of this concert is intended to replace a minibus for the transport of participants from the daycare activities of
Ruiter Actief in Barneveld and Stroe.

The program will be full of improvisation and interaction with the audience.

The concert starts at 19:30 hrs and ends around 22:00 hrs. In the break there will be coffee or soda available for everyone.

Everyone welcome!

Admission € 10.00

Van Den Berglaan 79
3781 GE  Voorthuizen
Time: 19:30 hrs
Everyone is welcome!

Hervormde kerk
Dorpsstraat 55
7468 CE Enter
1.   Fantasie/Toccata 'Wat God doet dat is welgedaan'
2.   Siciliano  (transcriptie D. Taupin)
      Trio sonate No. 6 deel 1
3.   Grand Choeur Dialogue
4.   In Paradisum
5.   Military March
6.   Liedbewerking over 'Abba Vader U alleen'
7.   Fantasie Psalm 24 vers 1
8.   Allegro con brio
9.   Er komen stromen van zegen(samenzang)
10. Preludium en Fuga op thema B.A.C.H.
K.J. Mulder (1930 -2008)
J.S. Bach  (1685-1750)

E. Gigout  (1844-1925)      
T. Dubois (1837 -1924)
E. Elgar (1857-1934)
Gert van Hoef  (1994)
J. Zwart (1877-1937)
A. Mailly (1833-1918)
Gert van Hoef  (1994)
F. Liszt  (1811-1886)