Gert van Hoef is born on the 17th of June 1994 in the town of Barneveld, The Netherlands. He grew up without specifically engaging himself in musical activities. At the age of 13 he discovered the organ and he received his first organ lessons from his grandfather who familiarized him with the instrument. It soon became clear that Gert was talented and his parents decided to give him an organ. The first months Gert played the organ at home without being tutored.

In June 2008 he received his first organ lessons from Ms. Daamen, organist and choir accompanist in Barneveld.

As early as january 2009 Gert participated in the International Classic Music Organ Competition by the Johannus Organfactory in Ede. To everyone's surprise, he immediately pushed through to the finals of the competition held at the Hardenberg Family Days. There he won the 1st prize in his age and music category in February 2009.
In June 2009, the incorporated CD recording of the final took place in the St. Maartens Church in Tiel. The CD was entitled "Finale" and was presented at the Duikenburgse Days.

In January 2010 he received his first organ lessons by the renowned concert organist Evert van de Veen from the city of Voorthuizen. In the eighteen months that he was taught by Evert van de Veen, his musicality flourished and he developed his repertoire in both breadth and depth. During this period, Gert has been frequently asked for performances and concerts throughout the country. Even people from abroad showed interest in this young organist. The many movies Gert placed on YouTube right from the very beginning of his musical career are probably credit to that.

In June 2010, as a present for his 16th birthday, he was offered a DVD recording of him playing the famous Moreau organ in the Sint-Jan's Church in Gouda. Also this month, he was appointed as organist at the church of the Reformed Church at the city of Voorthuizen.

In August 2010 he won the Feike Asma competition organised by the Johannus Organ Factory. In 2011 he ended second at that same competition.

Since September 2011 Gert has received organ lessons from organist Herman van Vliet in Amersfoort, preparering him for his conservatory study after
he finishes secondary school.

Beginning in December 2011, Gert became the residential organist of the Eminent organ showroom at 'The Point' in Voorthuizen. At this showroom he performed a solo concert in January 2012, being the first concert in the Winterseries Organ Concerts, and there's no doubt that many will follow. His first commercial DVD was recorded during this concert, and can be ordered through this website.

After having done his matriculation on July 1, Gert studies organ as primary instrument with Jos van der Kooy at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Since September 2013 he has his organ lessons in the Westerkerk in Amsterdam. Katy Satur is his teacher for his secondary instrument, piano. Also, two years of private lessons in music theory from the Dutch / Italian opera conductor Giacomo Formentini paid off, as Gert has already done examination in the Solfeggio grade 1 and 2 box in his first year, with a final grade 9.8 (out of 10). At this time Gert still has lessons with this conductor in order to encourage his broad development, also in the direction of choral conducting and music history.

Besides his Conservatory Study Gert now does many organ concerts throughout the country. Because of seriously illness on the part of his little sister (leukemia) a concert series in America has been suspended for a period of one year. A new phenomenon appears to be the interest in bookings for a private or public birthday or anniversary concert.

In 2014 Gert, by popular demand, published three improvisations as sheet music, namely:
'Heer U bent mijn leven', 'Is uwe lamp wel brandend' and 'Eens als de bazuinen klinken'.

In November 2014, Gert released his first commercial CD, recorded at the impressive 4-keyboard Stahlhuth-Jann organ in Dudelange (Luxembourg).

His double album 'Reprise' followed in April 2015. Both CDs, sheet music and DVD's are available in the shop of this website.

In June 2015 Gert won the Govert van Wijn Organ Competition in the Grote Kerk in Maassluis.

In August 2015, Gert was very successful with his first overseas concerts in Stoke-on-Trent and London (England).
Gert van Hoef - Biography